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Latest piece: Happy Bluesday

Today is my birthday, and also, Piano Tunes is 2 today!

With this tune, I bid you a temporary goodbye as I have a rest for the summer. Thank you all for visiting, commenting, and donating to Cancer Research UK. The site will be open throughout the summer, so have a look at the hundreds of pieces available.

Moving forward, I am hoping to see more interaction with comments, and MORE DONATIONS to Cancer Research UK! From September, when I return, my input will depend on this. Have a wonderful summer (Northern hemisphere users!) and I’ll see you in September with some more Piano Tunes.

Martin x

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Piano Tunes is delighted to be teamed up with Cancer Research UK.

Piano Tunes is delighted to be teamed up with Cancer Research UK.

While Cancer Research UK’s work may be based in research hubs across the UK, the research they fund has a global impact. CRUK has been involved in the research of 8 out of the top 10 cancer drugs in the world. CRUK may be based in the UK, but their research helps save lives around the world.

Cancer Research UK Giving Page

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