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Latest piece: Songs of the Zodiac – Gemini

I’m not a great follower of astrological signs, but I do think there are some personality traits of my friends and family that seem to match the general characteristics of star signs. This set of twelve pieces takes those characteristics – in some cases less obvious ones – and reimagines them in music.

Gemini is my own star sign. Reportedly the sign of twins, there’s certainly a reference to the number two in this piece, for instance in the way the semiquavers tumble down in pairs. We also have the contrasting personalities of the somewhat robotic left hand and the more interesting right hand.

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Piano Tunes is delighted to be teamed up with Cancer Research UK.

Piano Tunes is delighted to be teamed up with Cancer Research UK.

While Cancer Research UK’s work may be based in research hubs across the UK, the research they fund has a global impact. CRUK has been involved in the research of 8 out of the top 10 cancer drugs in the world. CRUK may be based in the UK, but their research helps save lives around the world.

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