Sonata in Three Continents – 3rd Movement

This is the third and final movement of my sonata. The first movement can be found here, and the second here. As the dedicatee now lives in Tasmania, I have used the Sea Shanty ‘Bound for South Australia’, firstly with powerful chords and then, for a finale, an uplifting gospel style to celebrate life. Earlier themes return, and the first movement’s Somerset tune gets the last word.

Listen to Sonata in Three Continents – 3rd Movement

Get Together

Thank you Hilary Sheldon for your kind donation to Cancer Research UK. You asked for a piece to be dedicated to ‘the family’. That’s quite a lot of people with all sorts of musical tastes – so this piece is a ‘potpourri’ of different musical styles. It’s about as weird and wacky as you can get! Just like some families can be (but not yours, of course!).

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Alexa’s Daydream

This commission is for a pianist to play to his daughter. I’m told Alexa is creative and dreamy, and I’m hoping I’ve caught her spirit in this piece. The second page is unusual in that it utilises four staves. Composers such as Debussy and Rachmaninov have used this method of scoring when the texture is opaque and the hands are flitting from one clef to the other. The video should make things clear if in doubt!

Listen to Alexa’s Daydream

Beth’s Boogie Woogie

This commission was a challenge! I’ve never attempted to play Boogie Woogie before, let alone compose a song in this style. Not to be beaten by a challenge, I duly worked my way through a few Youtube tutorials before attempting my own take on the genre. I really enjoyed the process, but it’s an incredibly difficult playing style. I hope Beth likes the piece, and thank you for your kind donation to Cancer Research UK, Mike Taylor!

Listen to Beth’s Boogie Woogie

Upbeat Soul

This piece is a birthday gift for Clare Proctor, as a result of a kind donation to Cancer Research UK by her parents, Val and Mark Barnes. Clare likes a variety of popular singers and bands, and I’ve tried to crystallise them into a piano piece. Quite tricky without lyrics and without copying someone else’s music! This is my best attempt at being cool and hip!

Listen to Upbeat Soul