Autumn Leaves Falling

One of my students suggested a piece representing leaves ‘zigzagging’ to the ground. I think my leaves are falling in a more controlled manner, but hopefully it has still become a nice piece of music. From bar 16 there is some crossing over of hands. Encourage students to begin to move their hands into their new position as soon as possible, to ensure the music keeps flowing, and the leaves keep falling!

Listen to Autumn Leaves Falling

Cave of the Trolls

One of my pupils wrote a story about trolls who live in a cave – so I wrote a piece about it! Although I’ve categorised it as Prep Test level, it’s a little trickier than the infamous ‘Train Ride’. From bar 9 the left hand plays an octave lower than written, but the notes are kept within the student’s familiar reading range. Watch out for the higher right hand position in the final two bars. And watch out for those trolls!

Listen to Cave of the Trolls