Grand Designs

Yesterday I had a great meeting with my web designer, who has some amazing ideas for how to improve the site. Don’t panic, it will all still work in the same way, but it will look a lot better. It will make better use of the whole screen, and posts will be separated from each other so it’s easier to see where one post ends and the next begins. There will be better syncing from here to Facebook. And there will be an email subscription opt-in. Plus so many more things to enhance your Piano Tunes experience! Can’t wait!

Friday Favourites!

Every Friday I’m reposting pieces that have been a big hit here on Piano Tunes. I know this from looking at data linked to my site, which tells me how many visits each page receives. And of course I can see how many views the Youtube videos have.

My most popular pieces have been my Christmas arrangements. But as it’s June, we’ll skip to the non-seasonal pieces.

To see my most popular non-Christmassy piece, click here!

Did you know?

I’m raising money for Cancer Research UK. Every piece on this website is available around the world, for free. I run the site as a sideline to my other activities such as piano teaching and paid composition work. It would be amazing if you would like to show your appreciation for my music by making a donation to Cancer Research UK. Please see the Charitable Donations page for more information. Thank you!

Guest Video!

Here’s a video sent in by Ava, who is doing brilliantly with High Spirits (click here), a piece featured last month in the early days of PianoTunes! Today I posted the 35th piece on the site, and 35 is my lucky number. Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket…Thank you all for visiting the site, please keep coming back as new pieces will be appearing throughout the summer, at a time when piano lessons are mostly on hold. Remember you can practise your sight-reading skills by trying pieces in easier categories. Or, amaze your teacher in September by learning a tricky piece, with help from the videos!

Listen to Ava playing High Spirits