Geranium Japes

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Thank you to Bryan Turner for his kind donation to Cancer Research UK. I’ve tried to recapture ‘bygone days’ in a sunny, flower-filled garden for this piece.

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If you have enjoyed my music please consider a donation to Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK.

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3 responses to “Geranium Japes”

  1. Jenny says:

    Absolutely love this! Have been humming it all day and will be doing so when watering the garden this evening!

  2. Martin Neill says:

    I hope you had some japes amongst the geraniums. Or is there too much pampas grass for those? x

  3. Ceinwen Bran says:

    Your music and art work are amazing! I will donate just to get my own piece of music!
    I am going to download these; the art work makes a huge difference and pupils of all ages love to see drawings and pictures. My adult pupils enjoy piano star or piano time for those reasons! It stimulates creativity!

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